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It's Friday!!!!

July 29th, 2005 at 12:22 pm

I didn't think Friday would ever get here!!!

Last night was a lazy night - I missed class to stay home with my little one. He was in such a good mood, and I felt that I haven't spent enough qualitity time with him, so we played unitl about 7:45 when we both crashed...He actually was still sleeping when I left this morning!

Tonight looks like more of the same except that I have some errands to run, but I will wait for him to go to bed first--So another NO no spend day for me...I broke down yesterday and splurged on more coffee for me and a friend- next week coffee will be free for me! I was soooo close to my first no spend day- at least since I signed up (I'm sure I had to have a couple at some point in the past!)

Weekly spending- Only $$$ spent on extras and food.
Mon- $178.26 Groceries including butcher
Tues-$ 51.33 gifts and lunch out
Wed-$3.05 Coffee
Thur-$41.02 Gas & Coffee
Fri- Estimated at $35 for gifts.

Total for the week - 308.66 Hopefully this will decrease since I usually don't have some many parties going on!!!

cc debit reduction this week = -$350.00

Already looking forward to this weekend...

July 28th, 2005 at 11:38 am

Even though its going to be a busy one! tonight I have class, tomorrow I have to pick up some gifts after work & wrap, then Sat. I have a bridal shower, annual summer party (which DH is cooking at) and then a wedding, Sun a birthday party...AND I'm already exhausted! I'm hoping to get some time to myself too- doubt it though!

Financially: Yestday was close to a no spend day - only $3.05 for coffee! Today I spent $36.02 on gas. Also, I went into our accounts and moved the left over $$$ (our small wkly cushion for the "just in cases"-trying not to touch our savings!) to the CC debit. Put $300 to Discover and $50 to Visa. Tomorrow is payday- so I will be paying more bills then...

Its weird, but since I pulled my head out of the sand and figured out how much we owed and started watching where our money was going, I have enjoyed watching our debt decrease and our savings increase. Who knew money mgmt could be so fun!

Slow moving today!

July 27th, 2005 at 07:40 am

The Bridal shower was a blast. We had plenty of leftovers, everyone got to take home goodies...I even won a beautiful picture frame! My little one was up until 8:40 with excitement from all the visitors...That translates into a restless night for him and me...I’m so tired I was falling asleep at my desk so I splurged on a coffee drink= $3.05. Other than that this should be a no spend day. We have our company picnic so lunch is covered, then heading home to play with my little one, a hot bath, then to bed! I’m so looking forward to that!!!

Moving right along...

July 26th, 2005 at 10:45 am

With help from my mom, I finished my laundry, did another load of dishes, dusted and cleaned all remaining rooms, got the groceries, baked the cake and made the baby food (all except cereal- which I will do on Wed.) The veggie & cheese trays are ready to go, and the mini-meatballs are cooking in the crockpot as I type.
During my lunch today I ran to Target to pick up the bridal shower gifts- not too bad on $$$ but since I was out I bought lunch. I'm ready for the party tonight, all I have to do is finish decorating the cake and enjoy the company.

Groceries - $35 over budget
Target - 2 Gifts - $45.76
Lunch - $5.57

And with paying cash for everything this week(and its only Tuesday) I already have $10 in singles, which gets put into my son's savings account.

Back from Vacation...

July 25th, 2005 at 09:02 am

My 5-day trip was fun, and I stayed within budget! I came home early yesterday trying to get a jump on this week. It’s going to be a busy one. I'm having a bridal shower at my home on Tuesday night for a friend at work. About 12-15 people so I was not too happy when I got home to a not so clean house. Last night I cleaned the basement, pet’s room, Master bedroom, and kitchen counters. 1 load of dishes, 3 loads of laundry. DH hand washed all the hardwood floors. Tonight, after the grocery shopping, I will do the prep work on the veggie/fruit & cheese trays, bake the cake and print out the tags for the favors. (I already made the chocolate hearts for the favors). I hope to make two weeks of baby food, but not sure if I will have enough time – we’ll have to see!

Still have 2 more loads of laundry, 3 more rooms to dust and the bathrooms to clean...My mom, who babysits for us, was kind enough to do my ironing- so one thing to check off my to do list (it is my most hated task!)

Financial Update:
Today - paid utilities for next month- $309.90 / Medical bills- $360.75 / Car Insurance -$85
Need to purchase 3 gifts for this week (2 bridal shower/ 1 wedding)
Need to grocery shop for the next 2 weeks ~ 140.00 (includes $70.00 spent at butcher yesterday)
Looks like an expensive week!


July 19th, 2005 at 07:04 am

Thank you! Thank you! for your suggestions on how to deal with my DH wastefulness. We split everything, and I do take more money if bills go up due to him... After thinking about things I decided to approach this differently --I explained how wasteful he was and that if he was to cut back the money saved would be money he could put into a savings account for his dream- opening his own construction company! I've never seen him so excited- So far he has turned the temp up on the AC, quickly hand-watered the back yard and only in the bad spots- 15 minutes or so. Took about a 3 min shower, AND made his lunch this morning - I guess there is a first time for everything. I may have created a monster- We'll see!

I'm hoping for a no spend day today- so far so good- brought my lunch and my water bottle- went for the free coffee and hot cocoa mix instead of a mocha from the coffee joint downstairs.

Weekly spending
Mon - 71.75 Supertarget for food, formula and bathing suit (on sale)
Tues - No Spend?
Wed - Sun - Annual Girls trip- completely budgeted for- should have no problem staying within budget, may even come home with some extra $$$.

I just don't know what to do!!!

July 18th, 2005 at 07:35 am

My DH- Dear Honey in our case (not married) is driving me crazy...I can't seem to get him to understand that air conditioning and water are expensive when used excessively! I try to keep the house temp around 76 (its been in the 90s around here), and our bedroom has a fan that’s kept on all night and he sneaks to the thermostat and changes it to 72/73 every night. While he cools down the house, he is outside watering the lawn for HOURS! Yesterday I was out visiting with some friends, when I left he started watering, I got home 4 hours later and he was still watering….About 3 hours later, after getting pretty mad and starting to fight, he finally turned it off. That was after the 5 hours the night before…I am dreading our water bill.

He just doesn’t seem to get it. I feel like the world’s biggest nag. I’m always on his case about his wastefulness…He leaves doors open while the air is on (not to mention the amount of bugs that get in the house)…He starts the shower and walks away for 10-15 minutes- he says its to let the water get hot, even though it takes all of 30 seconds in this house! Turns on multiple TVs and leaves the house…I hate when he attempts to help clean, he uses excessive amounts of soap in the laundry, dish water, and any sprays….

I just can’t figure out what to do to make him think about the money he is wasting…I tried having him do the bills, nothing got paid, I printed out pretty spreadsheets, didn’t work. I’m at my end of my rope! Anyone have any thoughts?

Feelin' Good

July 15th, 2005 at 07:03 am

Last night I sat down and got Quicken up to date, Printed out my debt reduction plan and decided today(Payday) I would follow it religiously! I was able to pay off Citi which was less than $200, pay over the min on my Visa and sent the check in to payoff GE, ~$1400.00. HAPPY DANCE! Only 3 more credit cards to go- Bank One, Discover and a Visa...Should be able be credit card debt free by end of Feb 06.

Goal update:
Get organized!- DONE
Pay off Citi - Added & DONE (forgot about this one - I guess it pays to get organized!)
Pay off GE by end of July- DONE
Pay off Bank One by mid-sept- in progress
Up my 401k deductions back to 10% by Oct, currently at 5%
stash $1500 into our emergency fund by end of year.

A little nervous....

July 14th, 2005 at 02:41 pm

with this being my first journal post and all. I really enjoy reading everyone's post and encouragement. The journaling seems to helps others, and I am hopeful this will keep me on track as well!

I have never been in debt before and am looking forward to getting rid of it ASAP!!! Its very stressful and time consuming.

We had fallen into the debt trap after we purchased our new home. It was larger than the last, so that means more furniture, landscaping, etc. And my other half doesn't like to wait, he has to have it NOW...My first step was to show him the amount of debt, and explain that we now have to wait to purchase his wants cuz I refuse to go any further!

I guess I'll start with my goals...
Short Term- 1-6 months
Get organized!
Pay off Credit Card #1 by end of July
Pay off Credit Card #2 by mid-sept
Up my 401k deductions back to 10% by Oct, currently at 5%
stash $1500 into our emergency fund by end of year.