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Sept recap/ Oct Goals

September 30th, 2005 at 07:14 am

Wow, Another month flew by! Good news, I spent about $150 less this month than last! Driving my little car to works has helped keep the gas prices down, only spent $105. Had relaxed on my errand day a bit, which caused excessive spending. We'll see if I can fix that next month.

Goals for Oct.
Shop only on Saturdays - errand day
Pay off all medical bills
Pay off bank One (Chase)
Put any extra $$ toward the other CCs
Grocery shopping spending under $300.
Have fun in Vegas!!! Hopefully bring home more money than I left with (wishful thinking!)

Spending is slowing down...

September 28th, 2005 at 10:18 am

I haven't spent a dime today and don't intend to. I drove the car to save on gas, I took the side roads into work this morning to save on tolls, and I plan on taking them home. (I haven't been counting the tolls since I have an IPAS and pay $40 everytime it gets low.) I brought lunch, had free hot chocolate instead of coffee, and planned dinner for tonight. After the little one goes down I plan on compling all of the bills - a whole lot of medical bills came in this week. I may have to move some $ around to get them paid off in Oct. also, DH and I are sitting down to talk about our goals and any future purchases and daily chores -I'm sneakign this one in - but I need to get him to help me- Its too much to do all the inside housework by myself after a long day at work, then playtime, dinner, etc, etc etc...We'll see how this goes over!

Another day of spending...

September 27th, 2005 at 01:48 pm

I just can't seem to help myself - today I left extremely early since traffic has been horrific (still got to work 10 minutes late?!?!?!) and didn't get to eat B-fast before I left. So after my first meeting off to the coffee shop I went - coffee, bagel and a water for a friend- $5.77. Last night I spent $13.87 at Michaels, and then $35.00 online shopping for bakeware/ cookie cutters/ candy molds for the holidays. Homemade gifts/favors for everyone this year...

I think instead of not only focusing on my spending, I would like to focus on what I didn't spend/ or how I saved money...

* Brought my lunch
* drove my little car instead of the big ole' SUV
Pretty sad list, but I hoping to get better over the next couple of days...

A new week, a new start? maybe tomorrow...

September 26th, 2005 at 08:33 am

This weekend was an expensive one...DH went grocery shopping since I have been under the weather - now I remember why we don't let him shop. Even with a list he bought the store! Spent $200+- and we didn't really need much except fresh veggies, milk, bread and some other misc stuff...

I went to Michaels craft store to pick up some items to decorate the house for Halloween. spent $38.00. Then had to go to target for formula, dog food and diapers - spent $60.00 mostly with Gift Certs - only 8.16 out of pocket.

All of the above purchases were cash...This am stopped for gas - 33.48 -WOW- I have never spent this much to fill my little car! Also I broke down and bought coffee (2.77). I need to purchase my lunch (completly forgot to grab mine this am) and some stamps. I am also planning on stopping at Michaels again this afternoon to pick up some items for the Halloween party- using a 40% coupon. Maybe tomorrow will be a no spend day?


September 21st, 2005 at 07:00 am

I have been cursed with horrible headaches for the last 2 days. Didn't make it to bowling on Monday - decided that this year I will not be going back - too difficult with the babysitter situation... I will be saving $20 a week- which is going into my ING savings!

Yesterday was a no spend day on the little things - landscaping was installed- paid in full with cash and I think it looks great! The birds seem to love it already! Today should also be a no spend day - the infamous poker table is arriving. my DH's friends are coming over and bringing dinner with them - bonus!

Uneventful weekend!

September 19th, 2005 at 12:37 pm

Which I was very thankful for... I stopped at Home Depot, my only errand, to pick up the soaker hoses and attachements for the new landscaping (being installed tomorrow), bird seed for the feeders ( so relaxing to watch) and some fall flowers for the front of the house - Totoal of $76.00 cash.

I got bowling tonight - since I didn't go last week I have to pay a little more...I think $45. Thats about it!

Growl, sigh, hang head in defeat!

September 15th, 2005 at 07:39 pm

After a horrendous day at work, I get home (extremely late) to a smiling happy excited other half. After greeting him and my little guy, the big one proceeds to inform me that he has purchased a poker table for future game nights at the house. I take it in stride, thinking OK he purchased a table top to lay over our plain card table…Was I wrong. He has purchased a NINE HUNDRED DOLLAR table (didn’t think the 900 in numbers would have done it justice!). 1) he just learned how to play. 2) he sucks are the game. – I beat him BAD during a game last week when he wanted to show me what he learned. 3) he doesn’t like people over all the time, he needs his alone time…I’m sure theres more- I just can’t think straight…Pure frustration!!!

So my no spend day has been completely destroyed, in fact I think the rest of the years’ future no spend days have already been erased! I feel better now that I vented, I may even be able to sleep!


September 15th, 2005 at 11:25 am

Thank you for the stars! Can someone explain them to me??? Sorry if this is a dumb question!

Last night I went to register with a friend for her baby shower. Its amazing all the NEW baby stuff out there, and mine is only 8 months old! Anyways I spent $5.40 on a toy for the little guy for being so good (and to keep him busy) during the whole excursion! I'm upset that I used cash instead of a gift cert that I've been toting along with me for months- oh well next time!

Tonight I am preparing for my Amercian Cancer training scheduled for tomorrow. I need to print up some materials- shouldn't take too long. Then I think I'll dive into a James Patterson novel I picked up last week - I got 2 for 7.98 (total)- they are hardcover and thought it was a reasonable price. I just finished The Lake House - all I can say is "interesting". This should keep me busy enough to keep this a no spend day. Tomorrow I will most likely have to stop for gas to fill up the family SUV- not looking forward to it...But this should be my only purchase.

Broke my own rule...

September 13th, 2005 at 01:16 pm

I stopped at Target on the way home yesterday to pick up some storage containers and laundry stuff. I do a load everyday so I needed to stop or else I would have to do all the laundry over the weekend which is not fun...Listen to me - I'm making excuses... $36.26 (used discounted gift certs.)

Anyway, I used the storage bins to organize my pre-baby clothes - just in case I ever squeeze back into them. My exercise room's closet is now clean with 4 bins of babyclothes, maternity clothes and pre-materity clothes, then all the baby items which the little guy no longer uses, but I'm keeping just incase we get blessed with another bundle of joy.

I also recieved a $100 rebate that I can use towards my cable bill - not bad for filling out some paperwork- I completely forgot about this since I completed it in Feb.

We made our decision...

September 12th, 2005 at 08:08 am

We will be moving forward with the landscaping in the backyard. The next door neighbor’s kid, even after speaking with the parents, still insists crossing the property line, and now is throwing stuff at our dogs, and likes to watch them get zapped by the electric fence. So in order to protect my dogs and the kid we are dipping into savings to get it installed next week. I hope it works! The decision will put us about a month behind in paying off the CC that was scheduled for payment in mid Sept.

This week’s errand day was a success. I updated my fall wardrobe for $167.94 total- 5 new work outfits and one weekend wear (sale & coupons). I went grocery shopping for the month $166.77. I planned a month of dinners for the baby and us and should only have to stop to pick up lunchmeat, fruit, bread and milk. And purchased a gift for 32.35. The only place I didn’t get to was Target- I will just hold off until next week.

I spent the rest of my weekend getting caught up on housework. I was only gone for 3 days last week, so I have no idea how I fell so far behind! Did 6 loads of laundry, 2 loads of dishes, cleaned the main and upper levels (dusting, vacuuming, etc) and cleaned out my side of the closet with my pre-baby clothes.

Tonight I have my first night of bowling (if I make it – very sleepy today) - $60.00 for the month, then home to chopped veggies and fruit for baby food!


September 9th, 2005 at 12:49 pm

I returned from my business trip late last night - so no money spent while I was gone except for 19.13 on souvenirs. Today I spent 5.85 on lunch- I didn't have time to make something last night or this morning...

My first errand day (last Sat) was exhausting! I'm not a shopper, but I made it and got tons accomplished! I spent 134.26 on gifts/wrapping paper/household items/suitcase and some pictures I didn't really need- but they look great! I also spent 87.56 at Target for formula that was on sale plus coupons, and 2 more gifts- I purchased using discounted gift cards. This week I only need to do some grocery shopping- shouldn't be more than $150.00 (crossing my fingers!) Thats all I got for now!

Planning for my first Errand day...

September 2nd, 2005 at 08:08 pm

Saturday- which is tagged errand day- is going to be quite busy. My mom and I will be heading to the dollar store for some more baby food containers (looking to make 4 weeks worth at a time) and b-day wrapping paper and cards, Bed bath and beyond- I have a $50.00 gift cert, which I plan to use to purchase a wedding gift and maybe something for the hosue, then to target to purchase a b-day gift and a suit case with wheels since I leave on a business trip on Tuesday. I'm hoping it won't be too expensive. I have asked DH to stop at Home Depot for light bulbs, a dryer connection piece and wasp spray (they are horrible this year!)

Today I spent $4.42 for coffe and a snack. I needed an afternoon pick me up!

Walked for only 15 minutes

Sept. Goals

September 1st, 2005 at 02:53 pm

I’m thankful September is here! And I’m glad August is behind me – I spent way too much money! New month- new start! Here are my Sept goals:

Follow my new game plan outline in my previous post
Keep track of spending – attempted in Aug- failed miserably!!!
Pay off Bank One by mid-Sept- On Track
Up my 401k deductions back to 10% by Oct, currently at 5%- Upped to 7% in Aug
Stash $1500 into our emergency fund by end of year.- Sent $500, plan to send another $500 in Sept.
Finish Xmas shopping – about 80% complete

Besides these $$ goals, I am working on my “health Plan” – my goals are to continue to walk every weeknight with my little guy. Keep the veggies & fruit in the house so I continue to eat better. I am learning to cook healthier meals. We have agreed to eat a home cooked meals at least 6 times a week- It would have been 7 but I need my pizza fix…DH & I will be splitting the cooking responsibility- so it should be easier to eat in.