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Oct is nearly over

October 31st, 2005 at 11:00 am

And can't recap since I lost track of our spending. Good news though- Only 2 credit cards left to be paid off. We are still on schedule! Our trip to vegas stayed within budget. And I have tried to keep any spending in check. Last week I attended training for work, it cost a lot in gas ~$70. This past weekend I purchased only the items I needed and paid with cash. 85% of my xmas shopping is completed and wrapped. The remainder has to wait until Thanksgiving- when names are pulled. So I feel pretty good going into Nov. I still need to update quicken with all the transactions since we returned from vacation...

Nov. Goals-
Continue to pay with cash/Debit - I actually cut up all but one emergency credit card (huge step for me!)
Only shop one day a week for errands (looking to move to a week night so I can have my weekends free)
Keep better track of my spending - anything would be better than this past month.
Prepare and save for my little one's first birthday
Find new ways to save money

I saved money today by: bringing my breakfast & lunch, drinking free water, hung morning laundry, will be making dinner. Tonight I am also going to start 3-5 new plants from cuttings. I'm thinking of giving a plant and small gift card to family/ friends that have purchased new homes- (will only need to buy the discounted gift cards).

I lost track of our spending...

October 18th, 2005 at 11:29 am

But all the bills are paid, we have money in savings and our budgeted money for our trip to Vegas. I was able to pay of BankOne/chase and all but one medical bill, but more are coming...(ended up in the Dr's office with back pain, and I'm off for an MRI and a nerve conduction test...) Put together a saving and debt reduction plan using only my paychecks. All $ coming from DH will be put towards any debt. So far so good.

To help curve my spending (which has been out of control this month), I have planned a weekly menu for the baby and a 5 week plan for us, with some overlap so I don't spend all of my time in the kitchen. I will continue with the errand day one day a week, and I am making more food from scratch.

After we return from Vegas, I will be looking forward to looking into more couponing, rebates, home cooking/baking and other money saving tasks. I plan on using Monday 24th as a day of organization to get me completly back on track.

I saved money today by bringing my own lunch & snacks, not using the clothes dryer this am, house heat is set at 68 (very low for me) and made coffee at home.

Feel like quiting!

October 7th, 2005 at 11:36 am

Its so depressing watching the money just fly out the door! I knew it was going to be an expensive month with 2 parties at our home, then a trip to Vegas, but its only the 7th of Oct and I have already spent $444.53. yesterday I stopped to get gas, $49.04, Petco for kitty litter and bird seed for the parrot -(mom picked up seed for the little bird) and used my 10% coupon- Still $24.58. The a stop at Jewel (not my usual shopping place- I remember why) - $107.27. The only place we have planned for this weekend is to go get our pumpkins and outdoor decorations, should spend no more than $15. I am putting off on going to the butcher as long as possible. Hopefully we can make it through the month, but I doubt it.

To save money I had free hot cocoa and made my own lunch.

Under the weather...

October 6th, 2005 at 08:45 am

Not feeling all that well, but trying to hang in there!

10/4- I stopped at the dollar store to pick up dog bones, juice and some items for the Halloween party and candy. Spent 30.74- $10 was for my mom- she will repay me by picking up bird seed.

10/5- the girls got together at a friends house for pizza, then walked to a wine store. I stocked up for the next 2 parties- this Friday and the Halloween party and spent 50.97.

Total for Oct is already 263.28- and I still need to stop and pick up some ingredients for the appetizers for Friday's party and need to stop for gas this afternoon before my son's Dr. appt. Antoher expensive day. Friday should be a no spend. Started planning for my errand day -so far its a trip to the butcher and pet store.

To save money- driving my little car, hung clothes to dry, turned in my change and put into ING account, cooking home made meals (except last night) and desserts, and continue to make the baby's food.

Monday, Monday....

October 3rd, 2005 at 12:22 pm

The weekend flew by! Sat had a birthday party to go to- gift purchased last month. withdrew $100 from ATM- $40 for me, $60 for DH. We stopped at target to pickup formula, diapers, cleaning supplies and the vaccumm/swiffer - Total $85.74. I normally use vingear and a mop, but I am so tired trying to keep up with the housework- so I thought maybe some off the shelf stuff may help. I was able to clean all the hardwood floors in 15 minutes vs the 45 min to sweep and hand clean them. worth the money!!! And got a $5 Gift cert.

Then Sunday I met my sister for our kids to get Halloween pictures. JC Penney was having a great sale- so I picked up some clothes/PJs for my little guy for now and xmas- spent more than I thought - $88. $35.00 on pictures- don't ask- still a little upset with this...

Monday I wrote out checks to all but one medical bill and bought stamps for $5.55.

Total spent for Oct so far...$174.57

What I've done to save money today - drove car, hung clothes to dry from morning load, free hot cocoa, was able to create 3 new plants from clippings, planned errands-which will take place on Tuesday since I didn't make it on Sat.