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Growl, sigh, hang head in defeat!

September 15th, 2005 at 07:39 pm

After a horrendous day at work, I get home (extremely late) to a smiling happy excited other half. After greeting him and my little guy, the big one proceeds to inform me that he has purchased a poker table for future game nights at the house. I take it in stride, thinking OK he purchased a table top to lay over our plain card table…Was I wrong. He has purchased a NINE HUNDRED DOLLAR table (didn’t think the 900 in numbers would have done it justice!). 1) he just learned how to play. 2) he sucks are the game. – I beat him BAD during a game last week when he wanted to show me what he learned. 3) he doesn’t like people over all the time, he needs his alone time…I’m sure theres more- I just can’t think straight…Pure frustration!!!

So my no spend day has been completely destroyed, in fact I think the rest of the years’ future no spend days have already been erased! I feel better now that I vented, I may even be able to sleep!

3 Responses to “Growl, sigh, hang head in defeat!”

  1. mjrube94 Says:

    So I guess the chance of him winning the $900 back at the next poker game is unlikely? (lol). Good luck...try to make lemonade and think of how bad it would have been if you haven't been saving for the last few months. I feel for you...

  2. TREE0164 Says:

    Is the table returnable?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I'm unsure if the table is returnable - however, I am making him pay for it outside of his monthly bill money and all his winnings ($10 bucks from last weekend) are put into a jar until he hits the $900.00. We made a pack that any purchase over $150 will go on a wish list and when we have the money and both decide its a good idea, then we will make the purchase. Hopefully this will work to tame his urge to spend

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