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A new week, a new start? maybe tomorrow...

September 26th, 2005 at 08:33 am

This weekend was an expensive one...DH went grocery shopping since I have been under the weather - now I remember why we don't let him shop. Even with a list he bought the store! Spent $200+- and we didn't really need much except fresh veggies, milk, bread and some other misc stuff...

I went to Michaels craft store to pick up some items to decorate the house for Halloween. spent $38.00. Then had to go to target for formula, dog food and diapers - spent $60.00 mostly with Gift Certs - only 8.16 out of pocket.

All of the above purchases were cash...This am stopped for gas - 33.48 -WOW- I have never spent this much to fill my little car! Also I broke down and bought coffee (2.77). I need to purchase my lunch (completly forgot to grab mine this am) and some stamps. I am also planning on stopping at Michaels again this afternoon to pick up some items for the Halloween party- using a 40% coupon. Maybe tomorrow will be a no spend day?

1 Responses to “A new week, a new start? maybe tomorrow...”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Your DH must be in cahoots with mine! I never let him go grocery shopping without me...learned from experience.

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