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Another day of spending...

September 27th, 2005 at 01:48 pm

I just can't seem to help myself - today I left extremely early since traffic has been horrific (still got to work 10 minutes late?!?!?!) and didn't get to eat B-fast before I left. So after my first meeting off to the coffee shop I went - coffee, bagel and a water for a friend- $5.77. Last night I spent $13.87 at Michaels, and then $35.00 online shopping for bakeware/ cookie cutters/ candy molds for the holidays. Homemade gifts/favors for everyone this year...

I think instead of not only focusing on my spending, I would like to focus on what I didn't spend/ or how I saved money...

* Brought my lunch
* drove my little car instead of the big ole' SUV
Pretty sad list, but I hoping to get better over the next couple of days...

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