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Spending is slowing down...

September 28th, 2005 at 10:18 am

I haven't spent a dime today and don't intend to. I drove the car to save on gas, I took the side roads into work this morning to save on tolls, and I plan on taking them home. (I haven't been counting the tolls since I have an IPAS and pay $40 everytime it gets low.) I brought lunch, had free hot chocolate instead of coffee, and planned dinner for tonight. After the little one goes down I plan on compling all of the bills - a whole lot of medical bills came in this week. I may have to move some $ around to get them paid off in Oct. also, DH and I are sitting down to talk about our goals and any future purchases and daily chores -I'm sneakign this one in - but I need to get him to help me- Its too much to do all the inside housework by myself after a long day at work, then playtime, dinner, etc, etc etc...We'll see how this goes over!

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