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Monday, Monday....

October 3rd, 2005 at 12:22 pm

The weekend flew by! Sat had a birthday party to go to- gift purchased last month. withdrew $100 from ATM- $40 for me, $60 for DH. We stopped at target to pickup formula, diapers, cleaning supplies and the vaccumm/swiffer - Total $85.74. I normally use vingear and a mop, but I am so tired trying to keep up with the housework- so I thought maybe some off the shelf stuff may help. I was able to clean all the hardwood floors in 15 minutes vs the 45 min to sweep and hand clean them. worth the money!!! And got a $5 Gift cert.

Then Sunday I met my sister for our kids to get Halloween pictures. JC Penney was having a great sale- so I picked up some clothes/PJs for my little guy for now and xmas- spent more than I thought - $88. $35.00 on pictures- don't ask- still a little upset with this...

Monday I wrote out checks to all but one medical bill and bought stamps for $5.55.

Total spent for Oct so far...$174.57

What I've done to save money today - drove car, hung clothes to dry from morning load, free hot cocoa, was able to create 3 new plants from clippings, planned errands-which will take place on Tuesday since I didn't make it on Sat.

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