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Under the weather...

October 6th, 2005 at 08:45 am

Not feeling all that well, but trying to hang in there!

10/4- I stopped at the dollar store to pick up dog bones, juice and some items for the Halloween party and candy. Spent 30.74- $10 was for my mom- she will repay me by picking up bird seed.

10/5- the girls got together at a friends house for pizza, then walked to a wine store. I stocked up for the next 2 parties- this Friday and the Halloween party and spent 50.97.

Total for Oct is already 263.28- and I still need to stop and pick up some ingredients for the appetizers for Friday's party and need to stop for gas this afternoon before my son's Dr. appt. Antoher expensive day. Friday should be a no spend. Started planning for my errand day -so far its a trip to the butcher and pet store.

To save money- driving my little car, hung clothes to dry, turned in my change and put into ING account, cooking home made meals (except last night) and desserts, and continue to make the baby's food.

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