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Feel like quiting!

October 7th, 2005 at 11:36 am

Its so depressing watching the money just fly out the door! I knew it was going to be an expensive month with 2 parties at our home, then a trip to Vegas, but its only the 7th of Oct and I have already spent $444.53. yesterday I stopped to get gas, $49.04, Petco for kitty litter and bird seed for the parrot -(mom picked up seed for the little bird) and used my 10% coupon- Still $24.58. The a stop at Jewel (not my usual shopping place- I remember why) - $107.27. The only place we have planned for this weekend is to go get our pumpkins and outdoor decorations, should spend no more than $15. I am putting off on going to the butcher as long as possible. Hopefully we can make it through the month, but I doubt it.

To save money I had free hot cocoa and made my own lunch.

2 Responses to “Feel like quiting!”

  1. miclason Says:

    Well, even noticing that the money is flying is progress...maybe before you wouldn't even have noticed you had spent $400+ in a few days?? And now you are actually doing something about it (trying to counter balance in other areas??) DO NOT quit...it's worth the effort!!

  2. jorge Says:

    I really enjoy your comments on how you try to save money at the end of each day. They're an inspiration. Stay in there.

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