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I lost track of our spending...

October 18th, 2005 at 11:29 am

But all the bills are paid, we have money in savings and our budgeted money for our trip to Vegas. I was able to pay of BankOne/chase and all but one medical bill, but more are coming...(ended up in the Dr's office with back pain, and I'm off for an MRI and a nerve conduction test...) Put together a saving and debt reduction plan using only my paychecks. All $ coming from DH will be put towards any debt. So far so good.

To help curve my spending (which has been out of control this month), I have planned a weekly menu for the baby and a 5 week plan for us, with some overlap so I don't spend all of my time in the kitchen. I will continue with the errand day one day a week, and I am making more food from scratch.

After we return from Vegas, I will be looking forward to looking into more couponing, rebates, home cooking/baking and other money saving tasks. I plan on using Monday 24th as a day of organization to get me completly back on track.

I saved money today by bringing my own lunch & snacks, not using the clothes dryer this am, house heat is set at 68 (very low for me) and made coffee at home.

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