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Oct is nearly over

October 31st, 2005 at 11:00 am

And can't recap since I lost track of our spending. Good news though- Only 2 credit cards left to be paid off. We are still on schedule! Our trip to vegas stayed within budget. And I have tried to keep any spending in check. Last week I attended training for work, it cost a lot in gas ~$70. This past weekend I purchased only the items I needed and paid with cash. 85% of my xmas shopping is completed and wrapped. The remainder has to wait until Thanksgiving- when names are pulled. So I feel pretty good going into Nov. I still need to update quicken with all the transactions since we returned from vacation...

Nov. Goals-
Continue to pay with cash/Debit - I actually cut up all but one emergency credit card (huge step for me!)
Only shop one day a week for errands (looking to move to a week night so I can have my weekends free)
Keep better track of my spending - anything would be better than this past month.
Prepare and save for my little one's first birthday
Find new ways to save money

I saved money today by: bringing my breakfast & lunch, drinking free water, hung morning laundry, will be making dinner. Tonight I am also going to start 3-5 new plants from cuttings. I'm thinking of giving a plant and small gift card to family/ friends that have purchased new homes- (will only need to buy the discounted gift cards).

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