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Its November...

November 1st, 2005 at 10:54 am

New month and what a way to start it! Today my Xmas and a CD account matured and I took that money ~$3000 and put it towards my CC debit. I love watching the numbers go down! Almost there, by March 2006 all CC debit should be gone! And close to paying off one car- maybe July 06. That will leave one car and the house. Can't wait!

Last night I spent the evening making baby food, muffins for our breakfast this week, and little jello and pudding cups for our lunch (I won't buy the prepackaged) Today I am making a double batch of beef stew, so one for dinner and the other for the freezer. I was planning on making an applie pie, but got some bad news and will be attending a wake this evening instead. (much rather be baking).

I saved money today by: bringing my b-fast and lunch, drinking free water, turned down a lunch shopping trip to Target (hard to do!), laundry will be hung to dry (evening load today!), and I hope to get the plants started (didn't get to it last night)

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