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Happy Friday!

November 4th, 2005 at 07:14 am

Glad this week is almost over, its been hectic at work! I'm looking forward to a little R&R this weekend.

Planning on making homemade pizza tonight, and tomorrow making corn and potato chowder with enough to freeze for another meal. Sunday I think we might head out to eat.

Other things I need to complete this weekend are: Updating quicken - 2 weeks behind, finish filing my paperwork- about a month behind, but got alot done last night, and planting my bulbs for next spring. Planning my weekend shopping and look for any coupons. I am also starting on the letters from Santa that get sent to all the little people in my life, and our annual xmas letter. I need to find the paper and type it up. Since I have this perfection issue it takes a while with all the re-writes...Hope I can get this all completed by Sunday night!

Spending log:
11/3/05-spent 41.25 on gas for SUV

Total spent this month: $45.25

Saved money by: bringing my b-fast & lunch, drinking free water and hot cocoa, made baby food, hung clothes to dry, turned off heat for the last 2 days( house is staying around 73 since it gets warmed up from the day's sun. The house is new and extremely well insulated (My old house was 35 years old and lots of drafts!), trying to drive "better" to increase my Mile per gallon ( I got a lead foot!), and organizing/planning my purchases and errands to reduce my urge to buy!

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