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Update for Nov.

November 8th, 2005 at 12:44 pm

I have had 3 successful no spend days, Nov. 1,4,& 6.

Sat. we ate out then went to Target for some household items and formula=90.87
Mon. Went to conference downtown ($10 for parking and tips, but didn't drive so I saved there) and then met my mother at target to pick up pictures, dog food and Halloween sale items for next year= 74.30. Actually I shouldn't have to buy anything for atleast the next two Haloween parties since I bought all the papaer products on sale. I think its called spending money to save?

Then today I broke down for afternoon coffee- have had a horrible day and needed a pick me up.

Total spend for Nov.~224

Saved money by: Not driving on Sunday or Monday, hung all laundry, brought in breakfast and lunch, ate dinner with desserts at home, kept heat low (70 degrees), bought sale items to prevent paying full price in the future.

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