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I'm finally cleaning up some financial items!

November 9th, 2005 at 11:37 am

On Monday I attended a conference in Il called Smart Women, Smart Money. There were several speakers with several topics, some good, some not so. I was interested in the statistics they shared regarding women and money - they were eye popping. Basically women live longer and make less since we usually take a leave for family. WE have all heard it, but the folks in this conference put numbers around it. It definitely helped validate some of my financial moves, and help me recognize where I need improvement.

So today I finally completed out 2 forms for automatic savings that I have been sitting on for weeks. So starting in Dec. I will have $250.00 sent to money market, $250.00 sent to Roth, and $200 sent to my sons college fund every month. I also have 7% going into my 401k. Now I just need to continue to focus paying off my cc debit- scheduled for repayment by March 06. Then on to the cars/mortgage- focus on this next year...

Spending for today has been minimal- $1 on treats - bake sale for United way.

Total spent this month= $225.97

Usual money saving tactics: brought b-fast and lunch from home, drank free water and hot cocoa- laundry tonight will be hung to dry. Dinner will be made with items at home...

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