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Weekend update

November 14th, 2005 at 11:57 am

I was an expensive one, however, most of it was bugdeted for.

It was my parrot's annual check-up and since she hasn't been acting right lately I requested that blood work be completed, so my usual $80 check up and $18 pedicure was turned into a total $168.00. The Bird is fine- we are guessing she is just a little stressed.

Filled up the tank for $30 then took a trip to Sears, who had their 10% sale Sunday night, so I finally purchased my steam cleaner for the house - came to 258.54, however, I also got another 10% rebate, which will be mailed tomorrow. I also stopped at target for formula, bread and milk- 54.64.

Total for this month so far...770.12 (ouch)

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