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Its been a while-

November 21st, 2005 at 11:00 am

since my last post. Things have been hectic here at work and at home. And to top it, my little one got sick! He is finally feeling better and I'm getting back to life. I'm trying to finihs up xmas shopping. His family gives out lists and doesn't pull names til Thanksgiving. I got the kids lists so one step closer to being finished. I have also created my little guys first birthday invites and printed the xmas letters to the kids- they are just waiting to be mailed- think I'll wait a bit for that!

$$ Update:
11/14- No spend day
11/15- birthday /xmas and gas =$145.16
11/16- groceries (thnakgiving meal too!)= $131.27
11/17 & 18 - No spend days
11/19-out with DH for dinner and shopping- he needed clothes then off to target for more formula/diapers=$99.04, DH spent $114.49 on his clothes.

Total for Nov= $1,145.59. It looks like I am way over budget, I have to keep telling myself that I had saved for the large steam cleaner purchase and the vet. So if I didn't include those, I would be at ...719.05- which is within budget - feelin' a little better!

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