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Day #3

November 22nd, 2005 at 07:19 am

that I haven't been able to sleep- 5 1/2 hours since Sat. night- Ugghh! However, with all this free time I'm finding I have been able to get alot accomplished. Prepared the envelopes with mailing and return labels for BD invites and Xmas letters. Sent in a couple rebates, rcv'd 55.78 in rebates yesterday- yeah! I have re-organized my office-on-the-go binder- I put in a section for cards with a BD / anniversary and other special occasion list- I always seem to remember these late, so cards are always rcvd late- hopefully this will change it. re-worked my budget and savings plans- automated almost everything! House is clean, xmas gifts are wrapped, grocery/errand lists started for this coming weekend. And I have gotten closer to catching up on my son's scrapbook for his 1st year. I should be tired right??

Nov 20-no spend day- Woo hoo!
Nov 21- $3 on stamps
Nov 22- Should be a no spend day
Nov 23- vacation day- baking pies for Thanksgiving- planning another no spend day
Nov 24-day with family- no spend day

Saving money by bringing b-fast and lunch, drinking free water or hot cocoa. Minimizing my driving since I have been taking the SUV. Hanging all laundry and cooking dinners at home (except last night- DH treated since he thought I would be exhausted with my sleeping schedule lately!- I was OK with this!) And not using the credit cards- Its been almost a full month without using them!!

Have a great Thanksgiving!

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