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Thanks for the comments...

December 7th, 2005 at 09:51 am

I didn't think I was being unreasonable thinking that is too much to spend per person, but no one seems to agree with me. They also believe that min of $50.00 per adult birthday, kids $100. Sigh. I'm starting to re-think how I really want to spend the rest of my life. Do I meet the dollar amounts to be accepted by the family (which a I'm already battling) or do I give them a thoughtful gift without spending a fortune?

Anyways- Today I have been scheduling all my final medical appts for this year as well as x-mas pictures, dentist appt and financial appt for year end review. Tonight my plan is to cathup on some things- update Quicken with spending from this weekend, wrap xmas and b-day gifts, get all Dec. B-day cards ready to send, and if I have the energy, get a scrapbook page completed- I am so far behind!!!

Spending today- $40 for xmas gift. I may stop of Michaels on the way home for craft project for b-day party-got 40% coupon.

Saved money by: comparision shopping for xmas gifts, saved $14 dollars- woo hoo! and then the usual things, brought lunch, making dinner, etc.

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  1. mjrube94 Says:

    What's your husband's take on all this, considering it's his family. You said he doesn't like to shop and always wants you to return what you pick up, but what does he think about the $$? Does he think it's reasonable, given your financial situation, to spend that much money on all of these people, or would he be behind your effort to cut back? (btw, I'm in the same boat...we exchange with a bunch of people on hubby's side and it really adds up, though not $150pp, yet we can't cut anyone out. I suggested the "donation in their name" idea one year, and that didn't fly). If there's nothing you can do about the # of people, can you lessen the expense by doing family gifts (e.g., dinner for four at a restaurant - no way it will cost $600, or tickets to a show (again, not $600 worth, or you could use b1g1 tickets)?

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