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Been so busy...

January 10th, 2006 at 01:41 pm

with work and trying to get things in order in my life. Work has been keeping me hopping from 8am - 7pm which doesn't leave much time to get things at home done. I've been heading home playing with the little guy, then off to bed we both go. Im taking a vacation day this Friday to get the following accomplished:
Update Quicken, new debt reduction plan and new saving plan.
Find my Real Estate License and contact OBRE to see what fees there are for renewal.
File all outstanding paperwork thats piled on my desk
and organize my "office on the go" binder.

Money spent this month so far: 618.66 - money spent on gas, groceries, household and dentist. limiting any additional spending for the month. Want to keep it under 900.

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